Soul Searching

I LOVE daguerreotypes.

I love teaching people about daguerreotypes. I love making little leather daguerreotype cases, hand embossing velvet, and polishing brass mats that I’ve cut myself. I love the chemistry, the science, the polishing, the little purpose-built tools necessary to do the job. I LOVE that stuff! I love the places I’ve gone! I love the people I have met through this passion. Artists, scientists, students, and other passionate admirers of daguerreotypy.

But my life is changing. It would be easy to just tell you that “I’m too busy” which, while ineffably true, is an insufficient synopsis. I am growing to love other things. I have reached the realization after much painful soul-searching that I have spread myself too thin and something’s gotta’ give. I’m not quitting daguerreotypes but, instead, I’m going to give it a rest for a while. Hanging up my top hat, as it were.

I can only focus on a handful of things and rather than being the jack of all trades I have decided to focus on only a few. Chiefly, these are commercial photography, time-lapse videography, and Maker Faire / Maker Faire North Carolina. Most importantly I want to be with my family more. I want to enjoy and grow with my son while he is still young. I want to enjoy my wife, hear her stories, learn and grow together, and appreciate her even more.

It’s not easy to write this. It hasn’t been easy reducing the lure of the mirror from my life. I hope you understand and I hope that this little collection of run-on sentences and poor punctuation gives you pause to consider your own passions.

Your friend,

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5 Responses to Soul Searching

  1. So much light – so little time. :) Perhaps we will see you back when you teach your son to make a daguerreotype! Drop in at CDags from time-to-time, many changes are coming.

  2. Larry Shutts says:

    Jonathan, I too have been on a near three year hiatus and know exactally what you are saying, shoot I did not even know you had put down the polishing paddles as I have been so out of the loop. I’ve been getting the ich to make a few dags and was looking around which led me here. Hope all is well and we’ll catch up some day.


  3. wendy abbott says:

    I have several daguerreotypes of my4th great grandfather, Jonathan Danforth’s son, William Danforth after they had emigrated to Wisconsin from Vermont. I have them in their original gutta percha cases. I estimate the year to be 1861.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Wow! What treasures! Do you have them scanned? I would love to see them.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Thanks, Andy. Watching your journey has been inspiring. I too hope we cross paths again soon.

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