Happy Birthday, Daguerre!

Louis Daguerre Wearing his Party HatOn this date in 1787 the namesake of my preferred photographic medium was born. Happy birthday Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre! I’m more than a little disappointed that Google didn’t commemorate the event with a special version of their logo.

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  1. Happy Birthday Monsieur Daguerre! I was thrilled to find this site yesterday as I own a handful of family daguerrotypes (even one of the family pug!!!) and was trying to find out if anyone was still making them. Great JOY to find this website!!!! It’s an amazing process and the results are phenomenal. Mrs Gaskell in her biography of Charlotte Bronte says something like “as accurate as a daguerrotype” for the portrait she tries to write. They’re so clear they’re almost magical and alchemistic!

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