Simulate a Daguerreotype in Photoshop


Man oh man! I framed that whole-plate Daguerreotype and it’s awesome! There’s nothing like a custom-made frame to accentuate your art. I chose a rather wide black frame with a gold-leaf inner border. I haven’t seen a whole-plate Daguerreotype hanging except in a museum and now I have one in my dining room.

In other news, John Beardsworth over at Digit Magazine has published a neat little tutorial on using Photoshop to simulate Daguerreotypes. I read through it and think that he’s come up with some neat ideas. Hey John, send me a message when you’re ready to try the real thing!

Photographer Thomas R. Schiff will be unveiling a new panorama of the Cincinnati skyline at the Public Library of Cincinnati to accompany the rare Daguerreian panorama in their collection. Pictures, poster information, and more after the jump to the article over at The Enquirer. They’re selling posters of the new print for a good cause.


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